MOBILIFICIO BORIN boasts a long experience in the contract-furnishings production for the tourism industry, fulfilling all the realization phases, from the design to the installation at the client’s.


Particularly careful to the technique and design development, MOBILIFICIO BORIN constantly considers creativity as a requisite in order to fulfill a high-level production, reaching results which have supported our choices. Our contract-offer is founded on the search of the most suitable solution concerning an appropriate reward for the investment made, a reduction of the costs, a proper stylistic solution for every surrounding the customer needs to create in accordance to the kind of clientele the furniture is addressed to, convenience and functionality regarding the problematic related to the building, enlargement and renovation of a modern accommodation facility.


According to the customer’s demands, the company offers the purchaser a long furniture production experience, and this is a very important point for those who need to receive answers and global solutions from a single interlocutor, with regard to the costs and the delivery times.


Our purpose is to provide services and products, which have a clear technological value, that help to improve the job and the life of those who choose us. On the strength of its technical and technological instruments, of its precision and production flexibility, MOBILIFICIO BORIN includes among the success factors of its contract-products:

  • Direct contact with the client;
  • Careful attention to the customer’s specific needs;
  • Planning analysis and survey of the room to be furnished;
  • Direct production, even with specific demands and design of the client;
  • Production of a limited series of customized furnitures;
  • Punctuality and precision in the delivery service;
  • Prestigious and customized design;
  • Wide range of choice for colors, woods, textiles, etc;
  • Decades-long experience, offering guarantee and reliability;
  • Excellent quality, service, product, price ratio.